Consonance as a brand-musical or not?

As a general question, interested in owner's thoughts on the brand's musicality, fit/finish, and quality control. As a more specific question, has anyone heard the new "Forbidden City" CD player they offer?
The CD players that I have heard sounded very good. Smooth, grain free, and relatively wide frequency response. I could live with one without a problem - I think. The only area that they make come up short compared to some others is in the immediacy of the presentation. I like a player to sound immediate because the midrange vocals generally sound more real to me with this type presentation. Not necessarily stand out, but just more realistic. The Consonance is not a reserved or reticent player - its more a mid-hall to maybe a sightly softened presentation. Maybe slightly laid back. This is often a desired type presentation especially with older CD media. Often with these type players there can be a perceived "veil" to the sound in comparison to other players. But, don't make too much of all this because, it is very slight. Like I said earlier, I liked the Consonance that I had.

So, in a nutshell its a nice well rounded player. I like more immediacy but, this immediacy can often come with other tradeoffs such bright, or up-front or even sterility.

I have not heard the newer players but, have read elsewhere they sound terrific and, have every reason to believe this is true.

The simple answer is yes and they are a bargain. I own A Consonance M100 Plus which is an EL-34 based PP amp with 12AT7 inputs 6SN7 drivers and is rated at 40watts. The amp is very versitile with an autobias system and can take any variety of EL-34s or you can have it can be adjusted to run just about any tube you like. Right now I am experimenting with the biggest new release KT-77s from JJ no adjustments needed for those. I drive Von Schweickert VR2s with it. My wife is a classical musician and was a Violin prodigy . She still plays. After I bought it she took possesion of it. I have since gone crazy in this hobby trying to acheive the musicality of this set up but with a bigger sound (I Like pop, classical rock, Jazz etc.)
As a brand it's begining to really begining to take off winning awards etc. I would highly recommend rolling the tubes I use all NOS except the outputs which are current production but don't come with the amp. The standard issue used to be EH which some people really like, but don't come close to the JJ's. For sheer beauty try the JJ blue glass EL4-L if you get an EL 34 model. I was listening to their 300B model based on the same chasis with a low rated output which was very sweet and not tinny at all.
The solid state stuff is an incredible bargain. The reference series can get pricey -it all depends on what components you want.
I have been impressed with the CD players in general the latest high line is the Droplet which is making quite a splash and a non up sampling excersize in doing it simply right, The linear series of CD players which are also a great deal. If you can audition one do so it. You have to decide whether its musical or not in my view the tube amps are but as always need to have synergy with your other equipment.
I own two Consonance quality exceeds anything I owned before including BAT, WADIA, McCormack....go see and judge for yourself...this gear is only going to go up in price as the brand catches on by those in the know.
I have owned five Consonance pieces, including the M100 plus mentioned above, and really like this equipment; have not heard the Forbidden City yet but from what people say it may be their best line yet.
I have heard it at Quest For Sound. I forgot to mention that. I liked the Forbidden City a lot. The amp is very impressive if you can get past the bright colored facade. The power is pure Class A up to 40 watts. I'm telling you it really sounds like true class A, full rich and pleasing. I own amps that are supposed to be class A up to 125 wattts and don't sound as good. The CD player is very competent but I like the Linear line right now for some reason.
Anyone heard the Consonance Droplet? Thoughts?
Hi Dumboat. I own a Droplet and love it. It replaced a four year old Audio Aero Capitole 24/192 (not the latest or the SE version) but still considered a fairly heavy hitter, even today. I think the tubes in my Capitole were close to needing replacement, so bear this in mind, but the Droplet absolutely killed my Capitole, in every parameter.

The Droplet is smooth, "musical", great bass, soundstage. Nothing at all "digital" sounding about it. I can't imagine anything else coming close to it for under $5k.