CD Upgrade

I have a Rotel RCD-855 CD player which is beginning to give mechaical trouble. I am looking to replace it with something in the $400-700 range and would appreciate any advice I can get. Can I get something in that range which will have an audible improvement over my current system ? My other components are a Marantz PM84D Integrated amp (purchased used for $400 recently to replace my Adcom GFP 455 Pre and B&K 202 amp) and Vandersteen 2Ce's. The interconnect between the amp and cd player is Kimber PBJ. The speaker cables (bi-wire) are Radioshack intertwined copper with transperant flexible plastic sheathing (about $2/foot). I like the Vandersteens very much. I like the PM84D very much too, but wonder if there are electronics out there now which may be significantly superior at a reasonable price. Also any advice on cables ?
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Hello: My cdp upgrade was the Rega Planet and you will not find a better all-around performer in that price range. some others may catch your ear with a forward treble and find detail, but if you listen to a range of music, and try to discern natural timber and voice, you will find that the Planet is solid. It is very sensitive about interconnect cable and the PBJ might not be the ticket, and (if I might be so bold) you might want to try some new speaker cable too. I have been amazed what a difference it can make in your system. Maybe the Analysis Plus Oval 12?
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The Rega Planet is an excellent choice--engineered to sound more like vinyl. Maybe try some new spkr cable? I like my MITs, but there's a lot out there--demo.
Re: CD upgrade, I am thinkign of the ADCOM GCD 750. The Rega Planet would not fit into my stereo setup since I have space for a frontloading player and NOT a top loading player. Re: speaker cable upgrade, I am looking for about 15ft biwired. I see an ad for Monster cable 2.4 .. anyone have any experience with it ? I would appreciate any advice I can get.