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Analysis Plus Cables?
Yes. They are one of audio's best buys for the money. Go to www.audiotweakers.com 
Wilson v Sonus Faber
The Genesis Vs build on the watt/puppy with great bass(adjustable via RC), allowing you to adjust for room and music. I have a pair for sale (actually Harry Pearson's pair from TAS)in AudioGon 
CD Upgrade
Lots of answers and alternatives at www.audiotweakers.com 
Transport vs. CD Player ???
Go to www.audiotweakers.com It's a learning experience that will save you money. To answer your specific question go to "Upsamplers" and read... 
Plinius vs Sim Moon vs Ayre
I heard the Plinius driving NearField Pipedreams at Las Vegas show- one of the very best rooms! If you don't have a local dealer let us know, we may become a dealer. Go to www.audiotweakers.com 
Tube friendly minimonitors?
Go to www.audiotweakers.com Look under 10 secrets- Reference 3As. 
Melos DVT
I owned one for 2 months. I highly recommend the Bel Canto DAC 1/Pioneer DVD as a transport. See my review at www.audiotweakers.com