CD player to match Arcam A65+ Integrated

My goal is "good mid-fi." I'd like to spend around $300 used but would stretch a little if there's a good argument for it. In general I like a detailed sound but I want to avoid a combination that is noticeably bright. I listen to a lot of jazz, but plenty of rock and soul too. So far on the list of possibilities:

Cambridge Azur 640C
Music Hall CD25.2 (a little $$$)

Thanks for your thoughts,

Arcam without a doubt,not even close.
I used to run a Marantz CD-63SE through a Musical Fidelity X-10D tube output stage into my Arcam Delta 90 integrated amp. The combination was terrific. I'm not sure what the current comparable Marantz deck is called, but it may be worth checking out. The X-10D worked wonders, bringing the player up several notches in musical quality.
Good Luck, and Happy Listeneing !!
Second the Arcam. I've run my Arcam Mini Solo using tape out (CD 73 inside) through my main system (Sugden A21SE and Coincident Triumph) just for grins and it astounded me with dynamics, air and decent resolution.
Thanks for these thoughts. I have heard a couple different Arcam cdps over the years and always liked them but they were paired with tube amps. Never thought to incorporate a tube buffer. Not for this setup, but it got me thinking about my other system...