cd player on sacd multi channel vs two channel

Has anyone found that even though you are running a two channel set up setting the cd player in multi channel play back vs two channel play back you get a more open live like sound? Sony SACD 555es going through an NAD to Abby's if I place the cd player in multi channel the sound is totally different then in two channel. It does exclude some of the information that would come out of the other speakers only but if you didn't know it you don't miss it for example a triangle is missing when played in multi, played in two channel it is there. But the sound in multi is more open, more depth, more air more natural, live. Has anyone else tried this? Thank you
Of course. If you put it in MCH mode and only use the 2 L/R outputs, you are losing information that is in the center and surround channels. In 2 channel, that information is in those 2 channels.

Yes and no what I have done is hooked up to the 2 channel of the player then to my amp. I have not tried hooking up to the multi channel front l/r which are in a different set of plugs on the back of the player. I was curious why the sound is so different 2 channel vs multi,it makes sense I am loosing some information but the gain is incredible with what is left. Just can't see why.
Because those 2 channel outputs have the same signals as the multichannel front L/R outputs! You are losing information and being seduced by a phase-y, unfocused sound.

Thank you found your observations.I attend live performances and well this set up with certain music sounds closer to the live experience then the seperated and detailed and accurate clinical sound in 2 channel. So are there systems that lean that way? I hear so much about the live sound some systems produce and have auditioned a lot of high end stuff over the years and have yet to hear what I hear at the symphony.Sure you can say yes that is a violin, a cello.... but they have no air about or around them. Vocals are presented clear clean but you would not mistake it for the conversation you are having with someone. Are there speakers that lean torwards that live sound I guess from what you are saying not all accurate and focused? Thank you
There are speakers that are capable of what you describe but, to do so, they are dependent on the acoustics of the room and the setup in that room. Proper acoustic setup is essential and, imho, too often overlooked.