CD Player for Thiel CS 3.6 speakers/Bryston 4B amp

I am currently using a passive preamp with the Thiels 3.6s and Bryston amp, but will be switching over to an Oulaw audio 990 preamp to use for HT surround sound and stereo listening. I am also adding a Thiel SCS4 center and a JL audio f112 sub.

I am planning on replacing my 10 yr old Onkyo CD player. The current Thiel CS 3.6 speakers/Bryston 4B amp/old CD player combo tend to be bright and a little fatiguing. I would like to purchase a tube CD player, in the less than $2k range, to create a warmer less fatiguing sounding system. CDPs on the short list include: Jolida J100A (lvl 1 mod ($1300) or stock ($800)?), Raysonic CD-128 (~$1500 new) or the 168 (~$1300 used), or a minimax ($550 used or $1100 new). Based on 6 moon reviews I was leaning towards the raysonic 128 or 168 until I talked to Underwood who felt that the Raysonic may not be warm enough with the Thiels and SS amp/preamp combo, and recommended going with a LVL 1 moded Jolida. 6-moon comparison of the Jolida and Minimax preferred the Minimax. Another dealer recommended a Lector po6 for ~$1600 over the Jolida or Raysonic.

Tough decision without being able to audition CDP in my system. I would like to end up with a warm nonfatigueing system. I listen to allot of Jazz and vocals with occasional rock. Any recommendations? Any thoughts on a stock Jolida J100A or spending the money for a lvl 1 mod? Thanks
this is only a suggestion look at an MSB Tech ilink
it will hold over a 100 cd.s and the sound is so much better that a cd player