CD/DVD Transports to Surround Processor

I'm actively looking at the Meridian 800 & 861 (DVD & Processor, respectively), and was wondering, more generally, if all I need is a DVD Transport into a Surround Procesor. That is, let the Transport pick-up the signal, then forward this onto the Pre-Pro's Processor.

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Thanks to both of you for your comments: I'm somewhat knowledgeable in this stuff, but them I'm completely lost at times, as well.

Glenn: you comment that I can use the Dac in my pre-amp for 'Stereo', would this be for 5.1, as well, if the Transport and pre-amp are so capable?

Thanks, again.
Thanks again. It is interesting, now that I re-read, for the umpteenth time, various product descriptions, that what I was looking for was there: through a glass, darkly, and in tech-speak of course.
I'll probably settle on the Theta array of products: the Dreadnaught, Casablanca II and the DaViD: or some combination thereof. The Meridian was the next order of priciness.

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