CD copyright protected playback problems ???????

I recently purchased Ben Harper's new Cd with copyright protection (CP)and low and behold, it skipped at the 9 to 10 second mark on almost every track. After research i found out that it was my relatively new Naim CD5 that was having problems reading the disk because, according to Naim, most copyright protected CD's are not formatted to 100 % Phillip's "Redbook" standard and therefore, the Naim has trouble. I did a quick search of Audiogon and haven't seen this skipping thing on Copy Protected CDs mentioned yet. I was wondering if any one else with another brand name of CD player has encountered the same problem or is this only a Naim thing? EMI Canada were nice enough to send me an unprotected CD but basically told me tough poop in the future though since all their Cds released in Canada will be released with CP. Well, it's making me wonder where I'll find myself in 3 to 5 years with every one of the super parnoid Big 5 jumping on this CP bandwagon, will I only be able to shop in the used CD bin ????? Any comments ??

PS- Because of the pompus letter I got from their quality control babe, I am pretty sour at EMI Canada right now for being so short sited, yes, they have a right to protect their merchandise, however, people will just figure it out how to copy their CDs anyways no matter what they do !
I haven't had trouble with that particular CD, but I suppose copy protection is like putting a large scratch across the hood of a Mercedes so that no one steals it. Smart thinking guys!

[I just get SO irritated that I can make a tape copy, but not a CD copy. I mean, come on folks!!! It's for my car, not the world!!!!!!]
I owned a CD5 Flat Cap II, and yes I found that once in a while, like on the new Led Zeppelin live box set, it would not read the disc- choosing to flash the display ERR instead. I found this problem on about 5% of new CDs. Apparently Naim has some sort of software upgrade to alleviate this problem.
Yup, there's been a lot of trouble because of copy protection. Ben Harper's CD is one of many that have been mentioned. The companies issuing these corrupted CDs are well aware of the problems they are causing. There are more than just a few home CD players, car CD players and computers that won't play them or have been damaged because of them.

If it's a CD that does not conform to Redbook standards and it doesn't play, take it back to the store and get your money back. That's the only thing these ass holes understand!