CD Changer, Carousel, oy HELP.

Does anyone know of a list or resource for a large selection of cd players and specs?
I'm getting into "HI-FI" and want a cd player. Right now I have a 13 yr.old magnavox 5 disc carousel w/ 4x upsampling & 16 bit DA/converter? So i'm assuming any Hi-Fi choice would be an improvement. The thing I love about this carousel is that i can change discs while one is playing. So i'm looking for a "carousel" or changer,modern model,plays all burned discs, good with tube amps,new or used for around $1000, preferably black. Can anyone help me out with Brands and Models? I'm using a (tube)Rogue Audio Tempest Int. amp w/ 60 wpc pentode or 40 wpc triode. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
I believe Rotel has a 5 disc model for $~800 new.
Take a look at the Sony SCD-C222ES or the SCD-C555ES which are 5 disc changers. I have a C222ES which is wonderful with SACD and fair with redbook. I've heard that the C555ES is better with redbook and is in your price range. It has a digital coax and TOSLink output, too. So you can add on a DAC if you want even better redbook performance somewhere down the line.
I own the Rotel RCC-1055 5 disc changer Upstate is referring to. It's a great changer with large power supply, detachable p/c, great looks, nice remote, and can be had in black. It sounds great/performs flawlessly.

If you can come up with $1500, you can pick up the Mcintosh changer (not carousel) used, which gets rave reviews from folks here on the Gon.
Thanks for the responses. After looking on audiogon it's a little overwhelming seeing about a "million" different brands of cd players out there. Tfkaudio, your response kinda surprised me by naming a SONY product. I wouldn't think "audiophiles" would even consider Sony as Hi-Fi? At least I know that Sony is sold everywhere and I'll look into their cd players. Thanks.
I think we audiophiles love the mom & pop brands and want to sneer at the giants, but do this... look at specifically the SACD players on sale at Audiogon for a month or so and you'll notice that the Sony's are the quickest to be marked as SOLD.

Happy hunting.
I believe he may not understand that the Sony players that are recommended are ES players. Sony ES is a line that is superior to what you'll find in Best Buy or Circuit City type stores. Build quality and design and parts are superior. Also they come with a 5 year parts and labor warranty. If the model number has ES in it then it is a superior piece to Sony mainstream products. You may want to try the new Sony dvpnc 555 ES player. I just bought one and am very happy with it. Can be found discounted on Ebay for 450.00 brand new. Plays everything except DVDa's.
Warnerwh, thanks for the extra "model #" info. I wasn't aware of the Sony "higher line" but I wasn't thinking of Best Buy. There are a few audio/video type stores around but they seem to be more into the home theatre craze. But almost all of them carry Sony products.
You're welcome. Should have mentioned that ES stands fore "Elevated Standard". Good luck.
tfkaudio ,there is nothing wrong with sony es (i own a nice DVP-S7700 dvd player) and does a good job for movies but i don't touch it for can i? the reason i believe they sell fast here at audiogon (your claim)is most probably affordability..
papa 171 ,i like to praise you for your Rogue Tempest Intergrated . i am a happy Rogue owner as well. sony es is fine ,rotel excellent ,macintosh fabulous. my two cents

enjoy the music
Yioryos, yes i love the Tempest also. I've only had it for a month w/lower grade components so i'm still on the fence concerning pentode or triode modes(both sound great). I'll wait for my "new" upgrades before i decide. Luckily I have found sources of Sony ES,rotel 1055,anthem CD-1, and mcintosh MCD205 locally so i can listen to them in person. I will give them all a chance but must admit new $700 rotel is looking good. If i can find used mcintosh will be little more than twice the price of rotel.OUCH! I'm also CURIOUS about the tube output of the Anthem. Damn choices! HeHe.