cayin A70T vs. Rogue Cronus vs. Prima Luna PL2

I am considering a tube integrated to run some Harbeth M30s (also looking at Ayre and other ss, but leaning toward a try at tubes). Read good things about all 3 amps, but wonder if anyone has done a head-to-head?

I'd pair the Cayin with a Cayin CD player, and the Prima Luna likely with a PL CD player, no idea what I'd use with the Rogue. Am open to suggestions for all. Want to keep things simple and also aesthetically pleasing in a nice secondary 2ch system and my first foray into tubes (other than an old Fender Twin and a few other guitar amps).

Would consider others (Cary, etc), but these seem to be so well-reviewed...

Thanks for any comments.
I would make sure you hear those amps with the Harbeth's before you decide. Harbeth's seem to do better with solid state than with tubes. I tried a tube amp with my Harbeth Super HL5's and it just did not work well together. (ARC VS55, Quicksilver V4's)

I have heard the Cayin and the Rogue and they are both nice amps but I would not want to use them with the M30's. I would look at Primare and Musical Fidelity integrateds for those speakers. They sound great together. I went with a Musical Fidleity TriVista 300 (hybrid integrated) with the Super HL5's and they work very well together.

Good Luck!
Can highly recommend the PrimaLuna PL2.Many who have heard this unit at my home,have gone out and gotten their own.Straight out of the box (stock tubes),it is a little solidstate-ish,but rolling the 12ax/au yields positive results.Not sure that finding a different CD unit wouldn't improve the sound quality above and beyond the PL player.
As already mentioned, tubes and Harbeth's don't go together. On the amps, I would go with the Cayin. I have the 70 and 100 and use them to drive proac's. Sweet sound. I did look at the PrimaLuna but found the Cayin warmer. Also, I am a remote control freak, so there was a bias there. I also for Vas mono blocks and preamp. These also have been very satisfying.
Thanks for your comments so far.

Interesting as I have also heard that M30 and tubes do work... so I guess we'll have to play a bit and see.

Any more opinions, keep 'em coming!

Thanks, again.
I'm sure tubes will work just fine...although I'd want twice the power output, of the three integrated units you mention.

100-150 watts should do fine.

You might want to consider the A100T to put some zing into that speaker combination.