Caution re Origin Live motor upgrade kits

It just cost me well over $1,000.00 Canadian to fit one of these kits to my Thorens TD126II turntable because the advertising is misleading and instructions are minimal.  Origin Live  claim that the process was virtually identical to that for the Linn Sondek LP12 - as they had in the extensive corresponce I'd had with Mark Baker I'd had  before before ordering - and sent only half a page of text and two diagrams relating to that turntable as actual instructions on physical installation (as part of a longer, 7 page leaflet).  Because the motor has a completely different form factor (the Thorens motor+mounting are triangular and the OL is rectangular) new mounting points had to be fabricated.  Because the resulting drive area of the shaft sits much lower and a substantial billet had to be machined.  3.5 hours of work for a couple technically astute people, one of them a very experienced audio technician plus machine-shop time.  

I am not sure how you got the information on the install of this motor.  The Origin Live website has table listing what you need for the install on Thorens under fitting motors..  You were supposed to buy a tall pulley along with the motor kit.  This would have eliminated the need for the billet.  The instructions also tell you to use only one of the mounting points.  This is how I mounted on the motor my Linn. There are several pictures on the web showing installs on Thorens.  There was not one with the 126 though.  I didn't see anything that would have prevented the mounting.  I have no experience with modding the Thorens, just my own Linn.  No link to Origin Live either, other than user.  I do my own mechanical work on autos, house, etc., so I do have an insight on this stuff.  Many decry the complication of setting the Linn suspension system, but it is much simpler than any car and was no problem for me.  DIY can have many pitfalls, even for the experienced.
I bought one for my thorens td 850.....could not have been easier and works like a charm!
I got the information from their wensite, from Mark Baker by phone and Email, and from the scant written information for the package that cost me nearly $650 and contained the little chinese-made motor, power supply and wall wart.

All were completely inaccurate and very misleading in regard to installing this motor on a Thorens TD126.