Cary303 and SACD777es

Which one is better in cd section?
Well, SACD on the Sony is pretty darned wonderful, and the CD playback would be plenty good enough (and is good enough) for many audiophiles. But I thought the 303 was better on Redbook, tonally richer and more colorful, and more musical overall. I bought the Cary and haven't looked back. I listen mainly to classical, and there's just not enough SACDs out there (yet) to tempt me. I bought a player that sounds great with the hundreds of CDs I already own. Just how it sounds to me, YMMV. Have you listened to both in your system?
How much for 303?
Cary 303 lists for $2995. Most everyone I've heard about paid 20 to 30 % off list. I bought mine barely used for well under 2K. Do you have a local dealer?