Cary phono preamp - any experience?

I have a SLP50b and wish to add a tube phono pre. I would appreciate any comments re this line pre together with the Cary PH series phono preamps? If it helps in your response, these preamps will be used as the front-end of a vintage vinyl only system. Source component is a TD124 Mk1 with Shure V15vXmr on SME 3009 S2i, all going to Quad II or Quad 50e monos and Tannoy Mallorcans (Monitor Gold LSU/HF/12/8)or Energy 22 Reference Connoisseur.

Any info appreciated


About 4-5 weeks ago I was searching for a tubed phono stage and found a used Cary PH-301. It was listed as MM only, but one thing lead to anther and it ended up in nmy system. I wanted a pre that would handle both MM and MC carts, I have a Benz Glider HO, so this unit worked with that. But I wanted it to be future proof. I was so impressed with this unit, that I went full bore and ordered a brand new PH-302. It is just about broken in and it sounds wonderful. I am not disappointed with this purchase at all. Although I do think that I would have been happy with a used PH-301 MM/MC. I did see one listed here on A'Gon last week. But like I said I am very happy with my new PH-302 and I don't think that this will ever be the weak link in my system.
Have owned the PH-302 for the past few months. Am using it with an AT OC9ML/II cartridge. Am very pleased with the sound. Also great build quality.
The gain for MM and MC is fixed, but you won't have a problem with the Shure. However, if you ever switch to a MC cartridge, be sure that it's sensitivity is not below .4 mv as the fixed gain for MC is 54db.
Hope this helps.
Thank you for your very informative responses. I recently found a PH301 on Audiogon, and negotiated its purchase, but I am unable to buy this item as the seller does not wish to ship to Canada. Please let me know should you fnd Cary PH301 for sale, just in case I have missed the listing.


I am considering the Cary Ph302, if I can audition one, but I am a bit concerned about the fixed 100 ohm MC resistance value. Has anyone opened the top and seen where these resistors exist? How tough would it be to sawp different resistors?
Why are you concerned about the 100 ohm resistance value? 100 ohms is compatible with virtually every MC cartridge. Dennis Had has addressed this issue in designing the unit.
He will certainly respond to any questions you may have regarding this. See PH-302 review below.