Cary cad 211m

Is there a lot of difference between the cad211m with 80 watts vs the cad 211aniv.edition, my speakers are sonus farber cremora and i can get the cad211m for cheaper price but i like to crank up the volume sometimes will i miss the extra power of the anniversary edition? Thanks for any input.
There is hardly a difference between the 80w 211M version 2 and the 70w 211AE from a power perspective. If you want a lot more power, look for a 211M version 1 which is 250w, but not nearly as refined as either the 211M v2 or the 211AE.
Right now i have the cad 280sa v12i and most times i run it in ultra liner 100 watts i just want to be sure at the 80 watts 211m i wont lose much power and it can push the sonus farber cremoras like i am use to volume wise and sonically is there much difference in the Ae version compared to the 211m version 2
Although the rated power of the AE (70w) is lower than the 211M v2 at 80w, the AE can play louder as the AE circuit is 70w in Class A and 110w in Class A-2, therefore, giving you a touch more headroom and dynamics. I prefer the 211AE over the 211M v2. A know of a couple of 211M owners who have opted to upgrade their 211M with the Cardas Teflon caps instead of upgrading to the new 211AE. The Cardas Teflon cap can be found in the new Founders series 211 at a significant price increase over the previous AE.
If you like the 280sa V12i, you should consider the V12R monoblocks. 200 watts UL or 100 triode. I've used a pair to run B&W 801's, not the most efficent speakers, to very loud levels. Lots of headroom.