Cary 303/200 vs 306/200

Can anyone tell me if the 306 is worth the extra $$$. I'm upgrading from a Rega Planet and am about to go with the 303 but will hold out to audition a 306 if the difference warrants it.
I auditioned both and went with the 303/200 primarily because I thought that: (a) the 192 upsampling sounded too analytical as opposed to 96 upsampling - although there are dubious merits to the process; (b) I didn't need ALL the bells and whistles; and (c) the 303/200 has a built in digital volume control which will come in handy if my pre-amp ever goes on the fritz.

Upsampling aside, they both sound great. You can't go wrong with either. Enjoy.
I went with the 306/200 but would be happy with either. The 306/200 has 8 24-bit Burr-Brown DAC chips (vs 2 in the 303/200) for a lower noise floor and wider dynamic range and it will do 96KHz or 192KHz upsampling. I also use my 306/200 as a DAC for various other digital sources so the extra digital inputs come in handy. Both players are outstanding but whether the 306/200 is worth the extra $2K (list), only you can decide.