Carver AV-705x stopped working, need your help.

My beloved Carver AV-705X 5-channel amplifier stopped working. Yesterday it was working fine. Today I tried to power it on and nothing happened. All I know is to open it up and check the fuse. The fuse is fine.

Is it worth the money to fix it? Any recommendation on repair shops?

To replace it with a AC-3, DTS receiver, what's the best receiver for under $700.
Contact Carver. They can repair almost anything they made.
The lone exception is some transformers, they are no longer available.
You can contact and get there phone number. They have some people that still repair the Carver stuff.

Good Luck !!!
Hello Again,
The phone number for Carver service is the same as Sunfires number. It is 425-335-4747.
And yes this amp is worth having it repaired. I do not think you will find a better amp. I have owned a lot of amps and while some have more detail none of them seem to be as dynamic or as spacious unless you want to speand a pile of money!!. I run a TFM-35 and TFM-6cb amps for my theater system. I also have a pair of TFM-35 amps for my 2-channel system.
Thanks for the quick responses. I have contacted Sunfire and am happy to know that they are still servicing Carver products at reasonable price($75-$195). I will ship the amplifier to them.