DVD Player with Resume Where Stopped Feature

What is the make and model of a DVD player that has the feature of resuming play where it was last stopped assuming of course the DVD is left in the player.
My DENON DVD-5900 dues not do this.
Thank You,
RP Teemley
my Yamaha S1800 does this...it resumes from the stop point even if I turn the player off. I use it for cd/sacd playback.
My cheap Oppo does this - even if I remove the DVD and put it in months later. Amazing.
My Sony DVP-9000ES does it. I did it yesterday!
I think it depends on the format used to create the disk.
When watching a movie, I press stop and sometimes a disk will say "Resume" and others will say "Resume Off".

The "Resume" disks restart at the stop point.

It probably costs a penny more to make a "Resume" disk
and some studio cheapskate will want the money for themselves.
I thank everyone very much for your responses.