Cartridge Upgrade ...AT ART-9?

Hello all , I'm looking to upgrade to a better TT / cartridge and I've heard from a very reliable source that the AT ART-9 is unbeliebavly great cartridge.

I listen to mostly Classic Rock /Jazz Fusion ....I currently just have a Technics SL15 with a P205CMK3. I'd like to get something that is higher end around $1K that dramatically improves my setup. 

Anything that is with mentioning that gives the ART-9 a run in that range? Thanks! 

Allnic H1201 
Lyngdorf TDAI 2170
Tekton DI SE
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check out my Technics (2) carts P205CMK3's - TT#2 definitely looks more retracted / bent .....although I heard some weird distortion from TT#1` which looks ok....
LP gear offered me an replacement for an ART-9 for under $500.00
@j_damon why?  If you can get an ART9 for $500, buy it now!  I definitely would!