Cartridge suggestions

I'm anxious to get back into vinyl, but I have to take it a little slowly for now. I was just given an old JVC turntable. This is temporary. I was thinking about getting a new cartridge and then having it put on the new tonearm and turntable once I upgraded. I have my eye on the Rega 900 tonearm in the future or maybe the JMW Memorial and a Basis 2000 or one of the VPI's. I don't know very much about cartridges. The Benz Micro Glider has been suggested to me. Any suggestions on selecting a cartridge? I have an Audible Illusion Mod3A without the upgrade phono stage so I need a higher output cartridge. I feel I know just enough at this point to get myself into trouble by picking the wrong one.
If you plan to use the JVC deck for a while, I wouldn't spend alot on a cartridge until you can afford to get a good turntable and tonearm. You can get a Grado Prestige Black for around $40 which will sound quite decent with an inexpensive deck. When you upgrade to a better TT, arm and cartridge, you can will the JVC to a friend.
The Ortofon X1MC for about 120 would also be a decent choice with an output of about 3mV, but as previous post suggested the Grado would be pretty good match as well. Watch E-bay for decent used tables, there is a Sota Saphire on there for less than 300$. jeff
I agree with the others about not sinking much money into a cartridge until you get a better turntable. My suggestion is a VPI Turntable with a JMW Memorial Tonearm and a Benz Glider HO cartridge. The VPI table is great because you can start with the Jr. and upgrade as your budget allows. If you get a Glider, hold off a little longer. I have been told by my dealer that a new and improved version is coming out very soon. I have the Audible Illusions M3A also with VPI mk4 table and JMW arm with a Blue Point Special cartridge and it sounds great, but I will replace the cartridge with the new Benz Glider as soon as it is available.
If this were me, I would save until I bought a Basis 2000, and then skip the Glider altogether. I would look for a used Basis, with Graham arm (ok, this is me next year, perhaps). I have the Lo4 with my HW19jr now, and the improvement over the Glider HO I had belied the difference in price. The new Glider might be better, but it won't be a Lo4. By that time, you could also get an outboard phono stage that would power a medium output cartridge like the Lo4. The Glider was sluggish and unrefined, compared to the Lo4. For the $$, the Blue Point Special is a terrific buy (I had one of those, too).
Pick a Grado Cartridge---Nuff said.
And pick a Porsche---Nuff said...