Cartridge recommendation for Rega P-25

Need pro advice on what cartridge to get for a Rega P-25 table. I will be using a Rotel RQ-970BX phono stage. Budget limits around $500. Suggestions please.............


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Rotel RQ970-BX
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I have two rega P25's that I keep for my smaller systems. Absolutely wonderful tables. One has the Super Elys which retails for 395 and the other has the exact which retails for 600. The SE is very good and nice to listen to, but the exact is noticeably better. I think I would pay the extra cash for the exact.
Try the Ortofon MC-30/2 Supreme.
Will work amazing with the RB-600 arm


With my RB600, I have enjoyed my Dynavector high output MC; I have the 20x-H, which is wonderful but can be pricey new. Their 10x4 is less expensive and I am told a very fine HO MC as well. No step up required on either.
you might consider a clearaudio aurum beta s. sounds much better than a super elys on my son's planar 3 w/ moth rb900 and doesn't require vta adjust on regas. i've seen some used lightly for under 250.
The clearaudio Aurum Beta is the only way to go for your turntable.
I'd suggest either a Goldring 1042 or a Dynavector 10x4.

You should choose one of these cartridges:

Linn Adikt

Rega Super Elys

Shure V15 type 5 xmr