Cartridge info

G'day fellow audiophiles, I was given a cartridge a few years back by a friend whom Ive lost contact with,it comes in a large blue box with the following print on the box Empire Scientific Switzerland MC 1000 Van Den Hul made in Switzerland.It is by far the best sounding cartridge i have had in my system but needs urgent retipping I can get this in Aust by a company that took over Garrot Bros operation. Can anyone out there supply me with info on this cartridge e.g output,recomended tracking force,does it need to see 47ohms? etc.It will cost $300 Aust to have retipped here or $1000 Aust to Van Den Hul. Am I barking up the wrong tree? or am I better of buying a new you beaut new high end MC? Buy the way my gear is as follows.Well Tempered Labs Classic Turntable (by the way the ones imported into Aust sound mutch beter as the plinith is made in New Zealand with there hard wood), Audio Fidelity vacume tube pre-amp (Allen Wright design),Bedini power amp,and Shihihian Arc speakers, Cables are jps labs and Harmonic Tech. Any info or suggestions appreciated. Regards David Spry Canberra. Aust.
Why can't you just e-mail the manufacturer for the specifications?
I have tried but no response, is it because I live a world apart? You must remember we have one high end audio shop in the country and they won't listen unles you have mega money you understand? Regards, David
Van den Hul won't respond to you? I don't understand that.
Does anyone out there know Vad den Hulls e-mail? I've look at there web site but can't see there e-mail listed. thanks David.
To Carl Weber, read my email from stage one,it is not a van den hul it is a Empire Scientfic. wanker!! any body else can help??
OK, sorry. Van den Hul is the type of stylus shape, I guess. Sheesh, I thought I was trying to help! You don't really want to start down the path of my wrath, do you?...You Kangaroo's anal cream! You wallabee's bedmate! OK, I'm over it.