Cartridge for Well Tempered

I just bought a used Well Tempered Super and want to treat it to a new cartridge. What have other Well Tempered users found to mate well with these tables? I have trashed 2 cantilevers in the past (2nd martini) and really like a moving magnet with replaceable stylus. Anyone have experience with the Clearaudio Aurumn? Lets also keep it in the "sane" price range. Currently using a Sure Ultra 500. Thanks in advance for any input.
I use a Benz Micro Glider with mine very nice.
Have heard the better Grados are the best for it. Transparent Audio's reference.
Sanity is relative. The Dynavector DV XX1 works very well in the original arm, which was a bit zippy in the mids and the DV XX1 tamed it - it is a high output moving coil, but on the deranged side of affordability.
Grados do work very well and so do the Van Den Hulls.