Cartridge for Thorens 521 with SME 3012R arm

I need a recommendation for a cartridge for Thorens 521 with SME 3012R arm. The pre-amp being used is a Rowland Consonance that has a bunch of internal phono gain settings. Rest of the system is Warner Imaging 300wpc amp and Vandersteen 3a (to be upgrade soon). Price range for cartridge is $300-$800 new or used. Any thoughts would be a help. Thanks - Joey
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Since you have a low mass tonearm, I would recommend the Grado Statement series Sonata. Fanastic sounding cartridge!
It has a lower than usual mv output of .5mv , but will work well with your jeff Roland Preamp..........and of course we do sell this cartridge.
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Try the ortofon SPU classic. Really a classic mach.