Cartridge comparison

Hello, I have a question for the more experienced, I currently have a scoutmaster w/jmw-9 arm, and dyna. 10x5 cart. with the dyna p-75 phono pre. i'm considering upgrading to a dyna. 17D2. My question is, is the 17D performance that much better than the 10x5, to justify the $400 price difference ? Thanks in advance.

yes...but you can get a Shelter 501 for about the same money as well as a Lyrian entry level cartride for 750...

the DV17 is a great cartridge......I would take a hard look at the used XX2 that hit at around 800 yesterday before I bought a new dv17
price was lowered to 775 on the xx2...good deal and not much more than a new dv17....much better cartridge if you have the system to exploit it

the dv20x is also an excellent cartridge at 525 new and is available in a low and high output version. Dynavector dealers will typically give 100 off with trade in of any cartridge. Some will give the same deal with no cartridge as all they do is throw the old cartridge away is my guess.