Cardas jumpers or Stereovox jumpers

I have just ordered Stereovox LSP-600C and SEI-600II to complete my Merlin VSM-MX and Berning ZH270. Is it any idea to replace the Merlin Cardas jumpers with Stereovox JC-600?
if you can here the difference your amazing the cardas jumper are solid brass dont waist you money ondiffernt jumpers.Dont let the vooodooo mumbo jumbo take money out of your pocket
I also own Merlins and I have played around with a number of different jumpers (Au24, Cardas, Acoustic Zen, etc.) and I keep on coming back to the Merlin/Cardas supplied jumpers. The Merlin jumpers simply sound the best with the VSM's.
I have now tested Stereovox Jumpers over a long time. This jumper sound more natural and relaxed to my ears than the supplied Cardas jumper. The heights are more sweet and the last bit if “edginess” (hope you understand) in my system is gone. I will cross check this again later. I now use the best Stereovox stuff all over. This is the best cabling for my taste so far.

VSM.MX / ZH270 / LA150mkii / +++