Can you buy a VPI tonearm base ??

I have two tonearm tubes and only one base.....Has anyone ever seen the base by itself ?? My is a 10.5
You should be able to, give them a call or e-mail them. I bought an upgraded base for my 12.5 arm for $300. In my case I think I was supposed to return the old one but they didn't say anything in the package it came in nor in the e-mails I exchanged with them. I'm sure you can work something out.
VPI will sell you anything....anything
After I complained about service they got mad at me I think....I'm almost afraid to call them....So I guess I'm stuck for now......Will
The people at VPI are really nice. Call or email them. I have even had Sheila Weisfeld (Harry's wife) respond to my emails.
Why did you complain about service?

VPI has great service in my experience...
Yeah, the folks at VPI are very nice, I lost the rubber washer and they mailed one to me for free!