Can we talk about MONO?

I have been experimenting with vinyl playback and have come across some 12" mono recordings. I am using a Santon 500 mrk II, the stylus is Blue and marked E MK II. (E for elliptical?)

One record jacket (Westminster) recommends a "microgroove stylus (.001 radius)" and RIAA equalization.

Another (RCA) mentions "New Ortophonic" equalization or A.E.S. with "bass boosted and treble reduced."

A VOX jacket recomends a .001 radius "needle", RIAA eq. and 7-10(!) gram "pickup weight"

I have three questions:
1) Is a special cartridge/stylus needed for Mono playback?
2) Should I use the Mono switch on my receiver?
3) How do we deal with non-RIAA equalization?

Any other suggestions greatly appreciated.
A stereo cartridge will work fine. Just do use the MONO switch. That's why it's there.
Don't worry too much about the different equalization curves. They are similar. Diddle with the tone controls until it sounds good to you. No tone controls? Get a cheap equalizer.
There are some mono carts available. I'm going to try one myself at some point. In the meantime, I do as eldartford says : push the mono button and play :-)
There are a few phono stages that can handle the various pre-1955 equalizations. The Bugle Pro, one from Graham Slee, and then I think one from KABUSA.
Another solution is to buy a vintage preamp that has the pre-RIAA curves set up on a selector switch. I bought a 1958 Scott 130 stereo preamp for my dedicated mono system. It works just fine on my pre-RIAA LPs.
I came across this "RE-EQUALIZER" unit while do some more research.

Any one using Esoteric Sound eq. units?

They also make a "Surface Noise Reducer"