Can someone pl. tell me Glitches in Arcam FMJ-DV27

I just bought an Arcam FMJ DV27. I have heard that this player has a whole lot of glitches. I feel so sorry about this decision. Can someone tell me what are the problems this player has?
Thank you
I don't know about the DV27, but, the DV88 had issues with firm ware and transport. The Arcam distributor is very honest and accomodating about rectifying any and all issues.
The only glitch in the player is that Everyone needs to buy one and Realize that this is the Best DVD player in the Industry.......
The Video and Audio Qualities that this machine offers I have never seen or heard in any other machine at any price. If any updates are made in the software this machine is upgradeable just by popping in a DVD which you can get through your authorized Dealer.