Can KT120s be used in ARC D70 Mk2?

I haven't been able to find an answer by searching. Curious if this is ok and also wondering what to set the bias to....
Kt120's won't work in a D115 so would be surprised if they would in a D70.

KT120's are NOT recommended for the ARC D70Mk2....the trannies aren't up to the extra draw. I use SED 6550 winged C's and they are a great match for this amp. There is some talk that the KT120's aren't as good as the winged C's. I know a few designer's who believe that.
The D-70 was never designed to use KT-120's. Winged C's are going away because the factory burned down so when they're gone, they're gone. That being said the 6550WE's are just as good and available. That is the tube ARC is using currently. Regarding Winged C's vs. KT-120. The KT-120 is just as reliable as the C's. The KT-120 is a very robust tube and capable of greater output power than the 6550 provided the filament supply is up to the task.