Can I use Marantz dv9500 without tv?

I'm looking for a good digital source, and the Marantz players are at the top of my list. How close is the sound of the DV9500 to the SA11, and can I use the DV9500 in a system without a TV? Thanks
I got a 9500 a month ago. You can use basic playback functions without a tv. However, for certain functions (e.g. putting the player on repeat) you will need to remember a sequence of keypresses. For complex one-time set-up (e.g. turning digital output on or off) you simply must have a tv.

My living room system is audio-only. Hence, when I first got the 9500 I had to bring it to my tv room to do the settings. Then it was fine when I put it in my audio system.

I have a SA14 coming later this month, though it will have the TRL mod and so would not be a fair comparison to the 9500. I would not expect the 9500 to be as good on audio as the SA11 or even the SA14.
Jsala, do you know offhand if TRL does similar mods to the 9500?