can i use both amps?

I have an outlaw 970 processor with a audio refinement multi 5
amp and am running my full complement of speakers.Can i use my front speakers which are strata minis and my sp3 tube integrated amp for two channel listening in the same system?
Do i need to buy an a/b switch or can i go through the 970 somehow?
Feed the L/R output from the Outlaw to a spare input on the SP3.


Of course, as Kal said take the front L/R out of the AVP to either a HT input on the integrated or to a spare input. If you have a HT input it will bypass the pre amp section of the integrated. If not pick a predetermined setting on the integrated volume knob say 10:00 o'clock. Adjust the Outlaw front L/R out level accordinaly to match the rest of your system. When watching movies set the integrated volume to the same setting 10:00 and you are good to go.

Of course connect the integrated to the front L/R speakers. Know this is obvious but.

Good Luck.