Can I have my cake and eat it too or not?

I have a dilemma. I have a tri-amped system with dual sub woofers. I have two alternative crossover hook ups. One is a conventional 4 way analog crossover, The other is a digital 2 in 4 out. I have been alternating between using these two. The 2 in 4 out digital crossover out sounds better on lower frequencies, allows me to time correct  for different speaker positions, but is limited to 24/196, down sample's  higher rez music files to that, and precludes playing MQA (I think ).  The analog crossover sounds better on higher frequencies, permits playing of high rez music, and MQA. Using either I get better sound quality driving my amplifiers directly from my DAC which has both digital and analog outputs and which incidentally can output both simultaneously. Ideally I would like to use the digital crossover below 2,500hz and the analogue crossover above. The implementation is easy -- do just that, but control is a nightmare. The volume of the analog signal coming out of my DAC is variable and is controlled from the DAC's remote. The volume of the digital signal coming out of my DAC is fixed and is controlled by the remote for the digital crossover. For a given piece of music, at a given desired volume, I can adjust the two but if I change volume or play a different piece of music I have to readjust everything all over again. I need Santa to bring me a magic box that will make the two track together,.Baring him doing that and his leaving me a lump of coal as substitute, how can I accomplish this -- or can I?       
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Huh????  Not sure that's much of a solution.
One thing I can think of is using some multi channel analog preamp (like the Parasound P7, Pass Labs XP-30) or old AV processor/receiver with multi channel analog inputs and outputs for master volume control. I believe AV processor/receiver also can control channels level as well.
I need something with both digital and analog inputs and outputs that will simultaneously control the gain of both. To my knowledge nothing like that exists although I seem to remember reading of  a French preamp/dac that possibly could, but at price tag of around 25K.  However I don't now remember where I saw the reference,and  anyhow that would be WAY beyond what I would consider paying.     
Maybe, I find that world wide there are only 10 dealers, with none in the U.S.  I can't get enough information to determine whether this would solve my problem, the price point, or really very much. Too bad, as it really looks like intriguing product. Thanks for pointing it out as I had never heard of it.  
Man, you lost me on about line 5... all I know is eating cake will make you fat, and happy