can anyone help me??

I am looking at building my own spaekers. I just got done

building me dads new speakers for christmas. I used a sea's

tweeter and a silverflute woofer 6 and a half inch. Yes all

is video shieled. I have been into hifi for years now. I

have had a lot of speakers and not been happy!!! I just want

a speaker that is natural not warm or airie or to bassie.

I has been hard for me to look at a speaker and say well

that is that driver and that is how that made the box. I

have had to much info on reading hifi speakers. So now is

the time to build me own pair is what I want to do. Here

are some questions I have?? How does the raven tweeters

sound? Are they worth the money? I want a tweeter that is

natural and not bright or tizzy or to soft. The speaker i

need to build needs to disapare hope I spelled that right

with micro details. I listen to jazz blues and ambent and

r&b and chior and classic a little pop no rock or rap or

funk or ska or country music. If anyone know a kit or a

speaker that can keep up with my music please let me know?

The maggies, could not keep up only for classical or jazz

or blues. I wish the dealers and companys would make

speakers for just that music and not say it can handle all

types of music. If that were true there would only be one

speaker to buy true. Anyways if someone has done a kit and

think it is worth me checking out e-mail me please. My wife

said this is it for awhile so I need to make it count. Here

are All the brands I have but, not felt right with them--

dynaudio, klipsch, bose,acoustic research,jvc,sony,vandersteen audio b&w speakers polk audio
kef, vienna acoustics, psb speakers, nht, megnepan, infinty,
jamo,mission,paradigm reference, dmc, ads, monitor audio,

hope I spelled that right. I have had a lot of doubles

in the speakers I have named and could forget a few oo well.

So if you can give some adivse then please do I need it.

thanks jm
You've told us a lot about what you did not like (but not why) and not what you do like. Give some clues.

Without knowing anything about anything other than what you supposedly don't like, and we don't even know what you don't like about them, we can't offer any form of help or positive commentary. Other than that, i think that you've got problems in other parts of your system and / or listening environment if none of the above were even "interesting" to you. Sean
You also did not specify speaker size, room size and amplication used. On top of that, sources and cables are just as important too.