Can any preamps for $2-3k touch Auregies-L?

I made a mistake and recently sold my Shindo Auregie-L out of frustration while dealing with room issues. Long story short, I've got some treatments in place and a new amplifier (Decware Torii 3) and things are sounding good, but--I suspect my Shindo could bring more to the table.

I prioritize tonal beauty and emotion over absolute linearity and resolution. I also tend to be a sucker for texture, harmonic density and micro/macro dynamics.

I suspect I'd be best off waiting for a Shindo to come up used, but I am open to alternatives.

I have heard the torii 3 and it is quite and outstanding amp, what is it that you don't like soundwise with the Torii? Are you simply looking for a seperate preamp? The Supratek is also a great suggestion.
There is nothing I don't like about the Torii--Its an ass kicking amp. Staging (width and depth) could be improved upon, but much of the problem is my room.

Honestly, I've got a very good core sound, but am pursuing just an extra smidgeon of emotion and refinement.

This amp has a lot of tubes to roll .Have you tried this to fine tune the Torii more to suit your room?
This seems like the first step before to trying a Pre.
Gopher- check out the Mastersound EL34 integrated amp. It's really, really good for the money. Since it's PSET, probably gets you the soundstage you are looking for.

I'm not interested in changing amps right now. The Torii is excellent and exactly my taste, I just suspect, like most power amps, it can be improved with an excellent preamplifier.


Yessir, I'm no newbie to tubes. I didn't even want to consider pres until I had gotten my core sound down.

I'm using Black treasure 6ca7s, RCA 5u4gs, National 7308s and have some NOS OA3s on the way.

The amp is excellent, it was just a more affordable upgrade than planned and my OCD side wants to take it to the next level.