Can an Accuphase DP-85 Drive a DF-35 Directly?

I have the Accuphase DF-35 digital xover, but do not want to spend big bucks for the DC-330, just to get a digital volume control.

My options are to use another digital preamp, such as the Z-Systems RDP-1, or their DP-85 CD player. However, I would lose SACD capability with the Z-Systems and cannot confirm if the DP-85 can drive the digital xover directly.

The D-85 supposedly comes with a digital volume control, but I do not know if it is for analog output applications only or not. The Accuphase manual never shows the DP-85 used as a digital volume control - just front-ending the DC-330 preamp.

Can anyone clear this up?
a call to Carl or John @Audio Unlimited in the Denver area, or Axxis themselves should clear up your questions