Camelot Roundtable MK 3

Has anyone heard the MK 3 uprgrade? How is it? I am using a Bel Canto DAC 2 now. How does it compare.
I'm considering getting one, I'll update you if I do after it's burned in.
I had my Camelot Round Table mk I updated to the mk III status about six months ago. The mk III is better (quiter background, better imaging, more extended highs and lows and smoother on the top end) but the mk I had a full warm sound in the midrange that I liked that is not present with the mk III. There are reviews of the mk I and mk II version of this player that comment on this as well. For music DVDs the Round Table sounds great but for CDs I run the digital output from the Round Table into a Kora Hermes DAC and for most CDs I prefer the sound through the Hermes. Some older CDs sound a bit better through the Round Table. Maybe the upsampling that the Round Table does helps. The Hermes does not upsample. The Hermes just sounds fuller, warmer, and more lifelike than the Round Table. Also remember that the upsampling feature on the mk III Round Table can not be disabled as it could be with the mk I version and the digital output from the mk III version is not upsampled at all. Unfortunately, I have not heard the Bel Canto DAC and I do not know how it sounds compared to the Kora Hermes.