MUSE 9 SigG4 vs Camelot Rdtbl III vs EAD vs Ikemi

OK, I'm down to these three DVD/CD players....the Ikemi is in there for comparison as it's the best CD player I've had in my system to date...

I'm looking for a player that excells at both DVD and Redbook CD for my system that is basicall a Linn AV 51 system, fully active.

As anyone reading this knows, Muse, Camelot, and EAD are pretty hard dealers to come I'm having a real hard time listening to them, without spending more than the players would cost to 'buy and try'.

I was wondering if anyone out there has compared any or all of these, to each other and/or to a Linn Ikemi and could give me some constructive comparisions...... If you can comment on the progressive video output as well, that would be a huge plus!

Thanks in advance!

I have never heard the EAD, but of the remaining players, the Muse is the clear winner. It offers resolution, detail/accuracy, dynamic contrast and specificity that the others cannot come close to. Besides that it plays pure music. It is involving, upgradeable and reliable. You can add an attenuator module and eliminate your preamp. Give it serious consideration.