cambridge azur 640c v2 or marantz dv7001

Hello, I am about to buy a new cd player and have got it down to a cambridge 640c v2 at audioadvisor for 399.00. The other choice is the marantz dv7001 universal player at music direct for the same price. I have 15 sacd so, I would like to play them if I could. I have many more cds than I do sacd, so I want good cd playback. If the cambridge is better at cd than the marantz I will buy it. If you have heard both please give me a brief comparison. My system has a rogue metis pre,vincent sa31 power amp, von schweikert vr3 speakers. I like jazz,blues,folk,and some rock. thanks, Normk
Two different sounds, the Marantz being warm and the Cambridge being slightly forward. For redbook, the Cambridge will probably be a better player though.
The Marantz is a much better sounding player for redbook. Balanced and clean sound, no opamps and has selectable upsampling. A great buy at this price point.
Hi Normk,
I just purchased a Marantz 701 from them. I am stunned at it's SACD performance and it's redbook performance is clean,warm and impressive and not a slouch. It is a real deal for the price and you would have to spend more than twice as much to catch up to it's performance.Digital harshness isn't present with it.It may be slightly tilted back but not in your face.
I was using a Sony player and an external DAC by Musical Fidelity which gave very good performance but not as good as the Marantz (and I paid $300 for it; $100 more and you have the Marantz). I am VERY glad I bought it.