Cambridge Audio Azur 740a paired with Dali Oberon 5's

So as the title suggests, that's the pairing I have going right now.
Just curious if they are suited for one another?
The speakers have a sensitivity of 88 db and the recomended wattage is 50-150 watts.
Azur 740a is 100 watts.
I dont know much about this but it seems like the amp is under powered? I typically listen at -25 db, but this is 3/4s the way to 0. Is this normal? 
Can anybody suggest an amp better suited for these speakers? Or am I all good?

Also.. sometimes I like cranking up as far as -10 db on the amp.. will this hurt my new speakers?
Amp was used for $300.. speakers are more long term.
Thanks in advance
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Nice room. Beginners are always obsessed with watts. If it sounds okay, it’s fine. Don’t push it to the point where the speakers sound ’uncomfortable’. Remember you need ten times the power to double the volume level to your ears. 100w amp should be fine. If you need more loud, you might look at bigger speakers.
I agree with noromance, if it sounds good, playing to the desired loudness level without strain then paring is fine. A more definitive answer would require more information. How large a room? Do you know the nominal and lowest impedance of the Dali speakers? What is output voltage of your source? The output of a phonostage can often be 1/2 (or less) than that of a DAC, thus requiring greater gain.