Calling Marantz sa8260 owners...

I am currently auditioning a Marantz sa8260 from Music Direct. I have two questions:

1. What have you found to be an adequate amount of time to consider the player 'broken in'?

2. I have found a disc or two that I have to insert twice until the player reads them correctly. I have found that if I allow a CD to play through to the end, and try to hit play to restart the CD, I get an error. Also, if I leave the CD paused for 2+ minutes at a time, it takes an unusually long time to find itself again and resume play. Have other sa8260 owners found these to be common 'glitches', or does it sound like I may have a faulty player?

I look forward to your responses.
I've had a Marantz 8260 for about a year now and haven't had any of those problems with it. Probably just a defective unit.
Dear Marantz auditioner:

I own the Marantz SA 8260 and it is virtually unlistenable to my ears. I do not have the problems you have encountered but I would recommend that you audition something else. How about the Sony NS999ES. The sound is
far superior.

Sincerely, Kjl