CAL Supermash module

Hi, my first post so I hope I can get some feedback.

I run a CAL System 1 DAC with an INDUS 20 bit 8x module which I think sounds great. I recently acquired a SuperMash 1 Bit module. When plugged into the MASH module port of the DAC it does send through a signal but it is seriously distorted and unlistenable (overlayed with white noise).

I found a Stereophile review of the DAC which provides a description of the SuperMash module:

On p137 of the review, second paragraph, it says "To use the SuperMash module, a small, auxiliary circuit board must be properly inserted." I can't see anywhere in my DAC where such an auxillary circuit board would go and one wasn't provided with the module.

I have a MASH IV module which died some time ago and the SuperMash came as a package with another INDUS which is also "dead" so it seems these modules can be temperamental.

I was hoping someone may have experience with this set up and specifically with a SuperMash module and can help with advice if indeed there is a need for an auxiliary board for it to work.

Has anyone successfully repaired one of these modules, hey are encased in some sort of composite material and resemble a brick, which would require breaking into.

Any help would be appreciated.
I suggest that you set aside the MASH module, It is based on 1 bit technology, meaning that it is dynamically challenged. Music sounds bland and boring, at least to my ears.
Your INDUS module is based on the PCM-63 chipset, a great-sounding DAC that has acquired cult status for its musicality and punch.
Thanks Casouza, I appreciate your response.

I agree that the System1 Indus sounds very good. In fact, I also have a Musical Fidelity M1 DAC which is highly regarded and gets good reviews which I use for HiRes. To me however, the system 1 DAC is streets ahead, much better base and a more organic analogue-like sound. I was hoping to be able to compare the Indus with the SuperMash. When it was released this module cost $1500! and was state of the art one bit technology and about twice the price of the Indus.

It sounds like you have direct experience with both modules in a CAL? Is this your view when comparing the two modules? If so, I am interested to hear if indeed an auxiliary circuit board is needed for the SuperMash. At least this will tell me it is my module itself that is problematic rather than a missing board.

I look forward to your reply.
Ginov, I suggest that you contact Approved Audio Services (860) 567.5801, they are an authorized service center for CAL and may be able to supply schematics or the parts needed.
Best wishes
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