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Any impressions of CHORD or Mytek DACs?
I have had my QuteHD for a couple of weeks and am thrilled with it. Wipes the floor with my Musical Fidelity M1 DAC. Ordered a fully loaded MCRUs PSU and looking forward to hearing the difference.I'm running a DSPeaker antimode dual core in digita... 
Coax to Optical Converters Anygood?
Hi Chris. Original sent to your email address as above. Just resent it. Check your spam filter. 
Coax to Optical Converters Anygood?
Hi Chris, I sent you a pm. Let me know here if it went astray. 
Coax to Optical Converters Anygood?
Hi Rodge827You're welcome. I'm glad to have been helpful. There isn't much commentary out there on the www on the dual core as it's such a new product. I was drawn to it through reading a guest editorial in TAS by Robert Greene. He comments about ... 
Coax to Optical Converters Anygood?
Just saw this and even though a bit late in the piece I thought I'd add my 2 bobs worth. I recently bought a dual core anti-mode. I love it and find it to be a very significant improvement as a DAC over a Musical Fidelity M1 and even my beloved CA... 
CAL Supermash module
Thanks Casouza, I appreciate your response.I agree that the System1 Indus sounds very good. In fact, I also have a Musical Fidelity M1 DAC which is highly regarded and gets good reviews which I use for HiRes. To me however, the system 1 DAC is str...