Cairn fog 2 with 24/192khz or Cary 303/100 cdp??

has anybody compared those two units or can give me an advise wich cdp is better for a sound quality???
I have one here for review and at $1500 retail, compares to (and some cases is WAY better than) players I and others have heard costing 2 to 3 times as much.
An amazing player!
Dave Clark
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Audio Note? does it have an upsampling DAC?
it is 1x oversampling, 18bit/96kHz, with no digital output filtering. Go figure. I currently use an EVS II and this is just as good, though different.
Not as full, nor as warm, but much more dynamic and detailed.
so you compare audio note to cairn and you think that audio note is a better sounding player?
I said it compares to other players I have heard recently (Rega, Metronome, Audio Aero, Gamut, Jolida, and a few DACs as well - EVS and Dodson).
But I would say that based on what I have read about the Carin, I MAY like the Audio Note better. Which does not mean it is better (nor does it mean it is better - for you - than those listed above), but that it "better" fits my tastes and system.
I should mention that I am a reviewer (for what ever that is worth).
Dave Clark
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Is the 2.1x a newer version of the AN-CD2?
Yes it is. The 3.1x is newer than the CD3 as well. I have heard both and they are substantially different. Not sure which is better as it all becomes issues of likes and flavors.
Dave Clark