Cable choices for Cairn, Naim & Vandersteen

Hi all,
Looking for some solid recommendations for speaker cable and interconnects for my current system:

Cairn 4810 Integrated Amp
Naim CD5i-2 CD player 
Vandersteen 2C speakers (single wire)

Types of music include: pop, rock, electronic, some classical. 

Total budget up to $600. 

At that budget I would put half into interconnect between NAIM and integrated, I like Audioquest.
it would be great IF you could do an external shotgun biwire on the speakers. How long is the run there ?
Maybe check out Mogami right here on the Gon. Very reasonable and will work quite well with what you have.
I haven't seen someone with a Cairn in quite some time. I think back in like 2003 I owned the Cairn Fog CD player. I liked it, but then went on to a musical fidelity afterwards