Cables for Vandersteen2C w/ Creek 5350SE

I just bought some used Vandersteen 2C speakers and have them bi-wired to my Creek 5350SE integrated. I'm using basic, low cost Monster cables. Any recommendations for budget priced cables to improve sound? I'm not located where I can borrow and try out cables, so what I buy I'll have to keep. Thanks.
B., I have a pair of Vandersteen 2ce Sigs that are great speakers.At present I'm using Alpha-Core Goertz MI2 bi wire ( all copper ) which I like. Earlier though, I had a set of Sonic Horizon Daybreak bi-wires that I had custom made for the Vandy barrier strip with the special size spades required.I've still got them and their yours for $100. plus shipping. Also they are true shotgun style meaning 4 indidual cables go to each speaker tapering to 2 each side at the amp, Later, John
The Alpha Core cable is good with my second suggestion being Kimber 8TC.
My suggestions would have included those already mentioned, but if your budget is tight, you should consider the Kimber 4VS or 4TC cables as well. Kimber's "VS" cables use the same wire and wiring configuration as the "TC" line, except they do not use the Teflon dielectric (insulation) found on the "TC" models.

And if your budget is REALLY tight, you might try making cables from the Home Depot extension cords that were discussed on this forum (and were one of the cables that got favorable mention in a cable review in TAS earlier this year).