Cables for MBL systems??

I have been tweaking various MBL components(in all MBL systems) for several years always using Tara Labs The One ISM bi wired speaker cables and a combo of the same XLR and RCA interconnects with a WireWorld digital cable between transport and dac. I have fully enjoyed the results but find myself in need of a longer pair of interconnects to accommodate a change in amp positioning and an upgrade to 101e's from 111e's, which have some very different characteristics specifically in the bass/midbass region.
It's been recently suggested to me that the Tara's may be a bit weighted and neutral to slightly dark compared to some other options out there.
Does anybody have any similar experiences?
you may want to take a look at Kubala-Sosna
i second the use of KS Emotions from wall through ic's and digital but look elsewhere for speaker cables
I use Anti-Cables. They are cheap, and are preferred in my system (all Ayre with Vandersteen 5A speakers) to anything else. I tried them all. Audioquest Sky with matching speaker cables are wonderful too, but I can buy a car for that price. Anti-cables come with a money back guarantee..if you don't like them send them back. I am not affiliated with Anti-Cables except that I own them
According to David over at MBL-USA all MBl products are voiced with Wireworld cables- Anyone here using these??