Cables for GamuT L-5 speakers?

What is yours recomendetions for speaker cables for GamuT L-5 speakers? The amp is GamuT D-200 and tehe preamp is GamuT D3i.
I am REALLY impressed with Clear Day solid core silver shotguns. AND they are reasonably priced. He advertises here, so do a search
I search about Clear Day Solid Core speaker cables and it is very little rewiev and no pictures on net.
GamuT L5 speakers are for bi-wiring options,witch type of terminations are ideal for my speakers?
I would suggest you try Chord "Epic Super Twin" which I know works will with Gamut and Dali (both Danish), so maybe this will work well with the L5. You could also wait for Gamut's speaker cable, which I believe is coming sometime.
I have buy a two pairs Clear Day Double Shotgun for my GamuT L5 speakers and I am really impressed with this cables.One pair is for low input and another pair is for the high input.The best speaker cables for the money.
Sounds like a good choice, and it has great reviews. As long as you think it sounds good, it is good. The more you mess around with cable, the more confused you become. Thats in my case, anyway. Maybe my ears arent good enough, or the system affects the cables in a huge way, but I dont hear what some of the reviewers rave on about sometimes.
I have Siltech LS 110 mkII speaker cable for GamuT L5 speaker.I would like to try-compared with Van den Hul Super Nova speaker cable? ,because all wiring inside speaker are from Van den Hul?
Any sugestions?
I was using Cardas gold reference but I have moved and they are too short. I used several jumpers and some bare silver wire was the best. 10 ga I think but I did not see that on the net when I checked for it. I have some alleged Siltech but I got them on ebay and they may be fake, don't sound bad whatever they are. I was a VDH dealer and have some old very thick ones only in a short length. The First is a very good IC
I also have the L5s.