Cable question CAT JL2 + Ultimate + Avalon

What cable suggestion for this equipment ? :

CAT Ultimate MK2
Avalon Ascent MK2
Ensemble Dichrono + Drive
I own a stunning pair of Ascents.I drive with Audio Research and Rowland.I tri-wire(the only way to tap the max. performance)with Cardas Golden Cross.I suggest you use Cardas for amp to speaker here,as the crossover and speaker are wired with Cardas.

By the way,I will NEVER get rid of these speakers as long as I'm in my present room.They're that good!!
Between Ultimate & (my) amps I used N-Valhalla and diy asymmetric made out of cooper, twisted conductors (not touching). Both to good effect, the Nordost offered better electrical "transmission".
Between JL2 & spkrs I used paralleled copper (no termination) and N-Valhalla (terminated), the first to better effect.

Bottom line, the single core or paralleled conductors wires seem to agree with me more (I tried many commercial offerings for the fun of it).

Note, I never had both CAT electronics at home at the same time:)!
Between the Acents and the JL2 I use Cardas Golden Reference Tri-wire

diy asymmetric made out of cooper, twisted conductors (not touching) ?

Can you tell me more about the construction of it ?
Ropertje: it sounds more catchy than it really is. It's just single 22g & 20g enameled copper wire twisted around each other (one hot, one return). These are not touching. I used a tube outer as the construction is quite flimsy. Neutrik rca connectors.

Not very magical, sorry!:)
I own CAT JL-1 Monos/CAT Ultimate Pre/Sonus Faber Extrema and run Cardas Golden Cross Bi-wire to speakers and Cardas Golden Cross between pre and amps with stunning results.
Robertje,thought you might want to be aware of the fact that quite a few Ascent owners,over the years,upgraded the cable from the crossover to main speakers,to supposedly better results!!I myself have not,but,have read some previous reports that this does get even better performance!!
Cardas GR is often recommended as is the higher priced Transparent line. One thing I have consistently heard is to not use any ICs or Speaker Cable with silver - not with the CAT equipment.