Cable management help

My wife is not too happy about the numerous wires on display. Need some help with cable management. Do you know of any products eg. tubing that can be wrapped around 3 or 4 power chords bunched together and looks good. Would be nice if they can be easily opened eg. with velcro or something. I saw an Ad a while ago on Agon but dont see it anymore.
Hi, you might try using a plastic shower curtain rod cover.
They are large enough to accept a few cables,come in colors, and have a slit which stays closed after inserting your cords. Easily cut to length.Only drawback is the do not bend..I suppose you could try using a hair dryer to heat them up and then bend them.I use them to hide my speaker wires.
hope this helps.
With the size of some power cords--??-- and how many of these cords are we talking about??-----In my case it would take a 5 inch hunk of pvc to hold them. Maybe strips of velcro that you attach at different points??---Maybe with a simple 2ch system such as a 1box player and an intergrated---things could be kept tidy.----However I say the WAF should be important. Try to please;it yeilds its own reward.
Look here:

You may find some products/ideas that will be suitable. is a pleasure to deal with as well.
Go to this page at Parts Express:

And you should find some techflex sleeving (is that a word?)that has a Velcro enclosure.

My question is: Is there any negative effects from bundling your cables together. I ask this sincerely...I don't know.

Dave - I really like the idea of using the FlexoWraps - thanks for the link!

Like Abrahavt, I would love to neaten up my "rat's nests" of cables, but, like you, I am also wondering about what, if any, effect it would have on the audio/sonics to bundle the cables together, especially the power cables with speaker cables, etc.. I hope some of the knowledgeable folks here will respond to this concern.

Hmmm - no one seems to have an opinion about whether or not bundling cables together could lead to some negative sonic effects. And I thought everyone in the cable forum was opinionated! (j/k) Well, I took the leap and have ordered some of the Flexo Wrap; guess I'll find out for myself whether it does anything to the audio.

Abrahavt - did you decide on what to do about your cables?
Thanks for the tip. I am going to go with the Flexo too. I would keep the power cables in a seperate wrap from audio cables though.
I am glad that link helped.

Unless your PCs are shielded, it would probably be a good idea to keep them away from any signal wires. That's my guess anyway. I am far from an expert.

I, too,would imagine that you wouldn't want to wrap up the power cords with the ICs, etc. I'm looking forward to cleaning up my cable mess - I'll be getting a new rack to accomodate my new turntable so this thread was quite timely for me!

Thanks again for the link, Dave.

Hey that does look pretty nice. You should do a shootout with someone who swears by their expensive "cable lifters" :D