Bybee's filters

Has anybody installed Bybee's filters in the analog and/or digital stage. I installed them in my speakers Thiel 3.6 and there was a nice difference, espeically in the mid base.
Hi, I have not tryed them yet but they will be my next "tweak". I have a pair of Speaker Art Super Clefs. Did you install them on all drivers? were they about $85 a piece? I read that installing on the outputs of a cdp or dac makes an incredible change.

I have not installed Bybees internally on any of my gear, but I use the external Bybee filters just about everywhere. I have a pair on my tonearm cable right before it goes into the phono preamp, apair on the phono preamp IC's right before the Tact pre, a pair on the IC's from pre to power amps, and a pair on the IC's that go to the subwooofer. I also use Bybee filters on several power cords. The only place I tried to use Bybees and they did not work was on the digital IC from CDP to Tact's DAC. Everywhere else, they work wonders...and the effect appears to by additive and synergistic.
Dan Wright of ModWright installed them in my player, but since he did a lot of other work at the same time it's hard to say how much was them and how much was the other work he performed. I'm thinking of having them put into my amps right now just to see if they can give me that extra bit of clarity (then I might try the speakers). I know this seems backwards since they are reputed to have the greatest effect on the speakers, but the amps are much easier to move, and the exterior less likely to be damaged.